High-powered logistics

rff consistently combines high product quality with meticulous warehouse and supply logistics.

Over the last 40 years we have earned a reliable reputation as a supplier of pipes, flanges and fittings. We have access to over 14,000 t of material in our logistics centres in Stuhr/Bremen, Beucha/Leipzig and Erkrath/Düsseldorf, and with our broad range of products are considered as one of the largest warehouse stockists in Germany. And over and above this: the regular flow of vehicles between our logistics centres ensures a smooth flow of goods.

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Our central warehouse for pipe connections and pipe equipment is located in our Logistics Centre Stuhr. Here, 8000 t of material is stored in a warehouse space of 16,500 m2.

60 workers employed in Stuhr are in charge of high rack facilities consisting of 14,000 storage slots together with our automated small parts warehouse with in excess of 10,000 slots. We have our own vehicle fleet of seven trucks, thus ensuring a reliable distribution of your goods. rff therefore provides the optimal conditions to satisfy your requirements. But we even go beyond this: We store the stainless steel and carbon steel pipe connections separately, thus giving material corrosion no chance.

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Our central warehouse for pipes with two automated storage systems for long articles is located in the Logistics Centre Beucha. Here rff stocks 6,000 t of material in 16,000 m2 of warehouse space for you.

However, in order to satisfy your individual requirements, our workforce of 40 persons does much more: In the cutting centre we can cut pipes of external diameters up to 560.0 mm to satisfy your special requirements.

Moreover, a part of our warehouse space is reserved specially for project orders. Reliable warehouse logistics combined with reliable delivery logistics ensure optimal conditions at Beucha.

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At our Logistics Centre Erkrath we ensure an excellent flow of goods throughout the Rhineland and Ruhr regions.

The rff transhipment warehouse for the movement of goods between the Rhine and Ruhr is geographically located right at the very heart of the European industrial complex. Our Erkrath workforce does its utmost to ensure that your goods reach their destination even quicker.

rff – Strongly connected.