The new rff-Website

Hello, may I introduce myself? My name is Tubino, and I would like to present our new website.
Our basic idea was to give our internet presence a fresh design and make it more user friendly – after all our motto is: ‘Whoever organises for others on a global scale has to be well organised themselves."
The new rff website has thus been designed with a clear two column structure: You will find all valuable information about that particular topic you are interested in on the left-hand side, whilst the right-hand side is reserved for picture galleries, further information, and useful links or downloads. And, in addition, I am often there as a little helper to provide assistance if required.

Our more clearly designed menu structure, as well new and extended functions, is aimed at providing you with an even easier access to our products and services.

  • All basic information about rff, our network comprising sales locations and logistics centres as well as employment and apprenticeship opportunities together with the latest job vacancies can be found under the menu item “Company”.
  • Under “Delivery programme” you will find the comprehensive rff product portfolio – our world of pipes, flanges, elbows, butt weld fittings and equipment.
  • Under “Service” we have included two new items, namely Media Center and our Apps for PCs and smartphones. Here you can find numerous electronic services and relevant downloads. As we will update these menu fields on a continuous basis, it is advisable to look at them regularly. Apart from this, you will find here – just as usual- everything to do with the range of services, quality management, online MTRs, alloy surcharges and IT service.
  • It is definitely worth clicking on our new section “Discover rff”. It is here that we refer again and again to topics relating to the rff world, provide insights into how we work or offer you as an extra plus specialist topics prepared in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Under the item “News” we update you on product, company, market and branch-related items.
  • Access to the customer portal “My rff” is, as of now, via the main menu on the far right-hand side. Of course, it goes without saying that you can continue to use your old access data.
rff – Strongly connected.