Simply online, and app-solutely necessary

Top material quality: That vital prerequisite for the success of your project. This is for rff the yardstick to judge us by. But we also offer you much more. For example, an online version of our tried and tested catalogue, or helpful apps for PCs and smartphones. 

Your work should be as easy and efficient as possible, and this is where we help you, no matter if you are in the office or on the road. We call this the Media Center. We are continually developing this further, step by step, and you benefit directly.
You have, for instance, the possibility to view many of our detailed catalogues as online versions, and are thus able to access them at any time and at any place. If you wish to view the complete version, you need access to our Media Center – however you can get a first impression by looking at the preview version.
We also think one step ahead – and of course have you in mind - with regard to mobile services. We consequently developed some time ago rff apps which provide access to important data wherever you may be. And not only from your smartphone, access is now available from your desktop.
Our range of apps is being continually broadened to provide you with an even better service.
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rff – Strongly connected.