We rigorously embrace quality

“Trust is good, but control is better” is a popular saying. This applies to us too, due to the fact that we place a particularly strong emphasis on the control aspect – you can thus have complete confidence in us. Or to put it in another way: rff’s quality management is not willing to accept any form of compromise. 

Jens Fuhrken, the person in charge of quality management at rff, stresses: “We perceive quality management as a system in which the appropriate measures are implemented during every phase of a project”. This already starts with the selection of the suppliers. All suppliers, forwarders and agents are subject to strict approval procedures and, in accordance with ISO 9001, are assessed on a regular basis. 

“Our customer material quality requirements are particularly high. We are well aware of this, and therefore the highest quality standards are an absolute must even for us” says Mr Fuhrken. A typical example is the intensive incoming goods inspection procedure. In general, all incoming goods are inspected for radioactivity. However, in addition to this our logistics centres at Stuhr/Bremen analyse the chemical composition of the steel by means of conducting a spectral analysis. At our Beucha/Leipzig site, this is carried out using X-ray fluorescence analysis. “We thus conduct a complete analysis of each batch in order to exclude any possibility of there being a material mix-up at the manufacturer’s facility” explains Mr Fuhrken, and adds: “Even correctly tested material can only be sold after submission of all documentation. This provides our customers with that additional security”. 

rff also goes the extra mile when conducting visual inspections and checking dimensions. For instance, walls with a thickness of up to 254 mm can be measured at any particular point, no matter what kind of component. In addition, in the case of primed material, our equipment also measures coating thicknesses in the range of 0.1 to 2.54 mm. 

This high degree of quality assurance is reflected by numerous accreditations. For example rff is certified not only in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001, but also in accordance with AD 2000-W0, PED 2014/68/EC and EN 764-5. The TÜV extended its certifications of latter for a further three years in April 2013 without reservations. External audits by well-known customers are also no problem for Mr Fuhrken. “Owing to the fact that we have implemented reliable processes at all company levels, we also already frequently fully satisfy special requirements stipulated by these customers.” states the quality management officer. 

All of rff’s quality management measures are aimed at focusing on the customer, and consequently rff provides its staff with further training on a regular basis. “The customer is our sole centre of attention. We are 100% committed to embracing quality wholeheartedly and endeavour to keep up to date with the latest standards and market developments.” stresses Fuhrken, and adds: “This provides our customers with the certainty that they will only receive certified quality from rff.”

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