Perfectly organised 

rff, a qualified trading company specialising in pipes as well as flanges and fittings, has been firmly established in the market for the last 40 years. A decisive factor behind this success story is that, in the meantime, we provide our customers with a virtually perfect delivery service on a daily basis. Here is a look behind the scenes. 

Quick, reliable and uncomplicated – this is the way you know rff’s delivery service. However, the fact that everything always runs smoothly is not simply left to chance, instead it is the result of intelligently organised logistics processes. The basis for this is 14,000 tonnes of stocks of materials in our two central warehouses located at Stuhr/Bremen and Beucha/Leipzig. In order for the ordered items – that frequently have to first be mechanically processed, blasted and coated - to be delivered at precisely the right time at the required location, many processes have to be perfectly harmonised. This is exactly what rff has been doing on a daily basis for almost 40 years. 

The “pipe” sector in particular has developed rapidly over the last 10 years. The two automatic storage systems with a total capacity of 17,000 tonnes at the Beucha/Leipzig central warehouse are the heart of the facility. Equipped with state-of-the art storage technology, they guarantee rapid, but nevertheless, secure order picking. In addition, our own cutting centre enables short reaction times and high flexibility for all things concerning the delivery of lengths cut to measure and prefabricated fittings. Special customer requirements regarding marking, labelling and packaging can also be met at short notice. 

The Stuhr/Bremen central warehouse comprising 16,500 square metres of covered area also satisfies the highest storage and delivery service requirements. Here we have put together a comprehensive service package for you covering every wish from processing, to additional inspections through to special packaging and transport services. For example, we pick ordered items, depending on the particular requirement, and place them directly into customers' kanban containers, thus optimising their own warehousing process. This is not only practical, but also has the advantage of saving time and money. In addition, we provide our customers with security with regard to such sensitive matters as “flash rust and contact corrosion” by means of storing carbon steel and stainless steel materials in different warehouses. 

Our transhipment warehouse located at Erkrath/Düsseldorf is dedicated to controlling and organising an optimal flow of your goods throughout the Rhine/Ruhr region, thus ensuring that the ordered material arrives at the desired destination even quicker. 

As you can see, we always provide you with a decisive added value. Even if you store articles with special requirements, and then wish to have them delivered in predefined batches on a just-in-time delivery basis, then we are the right company for you. Such contract warehousing means you can optimise your own storage capacity and organise your procurement more cost-effectively. And rff is also your reliable partner for any matters concerning other logistics issues such as, for example, consignment warehousing, project orders and delivery using own trucks. Judge us by this.

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