A bright start

When it comes to offering young people prospects, you can depend on rff. After all, we have been providing in-depth training for over 40 years. Particularly now, in the times we are currently living in, we see it as our task to take responsibility and face the challenges in this area.

The beginning of August saw five young trainees begin their vocational careers at rff. The Head of Finances and Administration Vivien Hagens (2nd from the left in photo) gave the newcomers a typically warm welcome at the head office in Stuhr/Bremen.

Thanks in particular to the participation in the career information exchange (bib), which took place in the spring, Sabine Höfer (third from the right in photo) was successful in finding promising and motivated applicants. “The event offers a great opportunity to make contact with young people and give them a better idea of the company. Our 2nd year trainees, who were manning the stand, put in excellent work,” says Sabine Höfer, happily. She adds in this respect that rff would have hired the usual number of trainees under normal circumstances.

The new trainees have already fitted in well. As usual, the first workshop at the end of August takes place at the headquarters in Stuhr/Bremen. In traditional form, company founder Hartmut Böttche will again take the opportunity to train the new rff members in person. The trainees can look forward to four interesting days, filled with in-depth knowledge of the company, products and materials.

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