The future in focus

Since the beginning of the year Jörg Delveaux has become a member of the management board at rff Rohr Flansch Fitting Handels GmbH. This appointment represents a further key decision for the trading and distritubtion company from Stuhr, near Bremen. How has Jörg Delveaux adapted to life at rff, and what tasks is he addressing today and in the future?

For Jörg Delveaux it is a good sign when the desk is full of documents and drawings, as then he is in his element. “I have settled in well and feel very much at home at rff,” he confirms. Nevertheless, he says that it took some time for him to find his feet in his new environment. This is understandable, as although Jörg Delveaux was familiar with rff, it was from the outside.

Jörg Delveaux finds the co-operation with company founder Hartmut Böttche and the other managing director, Michael Allexi, to be a good partnership. “I like the fact that there is a lot of open communication,” notes the 41-year-old. Short distances and ultimately a positive decision for rff are important for him. “Honest interaction at all levels is the best basis for trust-based co-operation,” he declares, with satisfaction.

To meet his responsibilities as managing director, Jörg Delveaux is gradually familiarising himself with the individual areas of the company. “Materials management is a good place to start. The insight into the strategic and operative orientation form a great foundation. In future these will be expanded to include tactical components,” he explains. Together with Michael Allexi, he is currently working intensively to improve efficiency and digital transformation in co-operation with suppliers. “As link between the mills and the consumers, we are called upon to develop intelligent solutions to enable us to reflect the increasingly complex requirements of our customers,” emphasises Michael Allexi.  

In the future rff aims to continue to grow and expand upon the positive business development of recent years. The optimisation of logistics in the central warehouse in Stuhr/Bremen in particular will contribute to this. Together with Hartmut Böttche, Jörg Delveaux is working on transformation and expansion to enable the smooth handover of the responsabilities for warehousing and logistics . “We are working intensively on the subject and currently developing ideas as to how rff can offer its customers even better performance in the future,” says Jörg Delveaux. “The philosophy of consistently focusing on the supply of our customers with material and services over growth will remain unchanged. This has characterised rff for nearly 45 years now, positioning us successfully on the market,” adds company founder Hartmut Böttche.

There are a lot of changes underway at rff. The company is working towards a successful future on numerous levels. Issues such as new markets and products play a key role, along with the expansion of logistics activities. With Jörg Delveaux as managing director rff has made a far-sighted and strategic appointment to a key position. The company is preparing to meet the coming challenges and has its gaze fixed firmly on the future.

Captions: The picture was taken before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

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