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Weight calculator for pipes

This online tool determines the weight of pipes, round steel, rectangular and square tubes, flat steel and sheet metal. The service is easy and intuitive to use, bringing you quickly to where you wish to go; then enter the dimensions you are looking for and you will get the desired result.

In addition to our dynamic product search, our weight calculator allows you to select between predefined material groups such as carbon steel and aluminium, or manual entry for the required material density. Additional service for you: displaying the theoretical weight of water-filled pipes.

Please note that these are only theoretical weights while using this service. Manufacturing factors may cause deviations in actual weight. We cannot assume any liability for these reference values.

Product Material group Density per dm³

Dimensions input / mm

empty weightwater-filled
Piece weight:0,00 kg 
Total weight:0,00 kg 
Pipe connections ASME / ASTM

Pipe connections ASME / ASTM

Databases for pipe connections ASME / ASTM

Use the databases for flanges according to ASME B 16.5 and 16.47 and butt weld fittings according to ASME B 16.9.



Downloads about rff

Here you will find everything about rff for download. We have compiled facts and figures, our product range and further information for you.