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Supplier for energy provision

A powerful economy relies on global production and reliable distribution of energy and utilities. Complex piping systems play a major role in supplying households and manufacturing plants with heat as well as in power generation.

Impressive service for the energy sector

A reliable energy supply is essential in maintaining and improving quality of life. Apart from water, power and heat are the most important factors for human life on Earth. Complex pipe systems are essential for producing, handling and storing energy and utilities.

We at rff supply a wide variety of major names in the energy sector with pipes, flanges and fittings of certified quality to ensure that the supply remains reliable and future-proof. Our company not only provides a high level of delivery service but also customer services and professional consultation.

Our customers benefit from the following specialities that we supply specifically to the energy sector:

  • Pipes and pipe connections according to DIN EN and ASME, including alloyed steel products
  • Wall thickness calculations for pipes and pipe fittings according to DIN EN 1594 and AD 2000 Part B 
  • Third party inspection such as TÜV and DEKRA
  • Project management, one-stop-shop service
  • Industry-specific expertise from years of experience

Do not hesitate to contact us and our industry experts with any questions you may have about our services for the energy sector. 

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Plant and mechanical engineering

Plant and mechanical engineering

Partner to the plant and engineering

Plant construction and mechanical engineering involve complex piping systems. We have experts in the field eager to provide solution-orientated consultation services.

Water and wastewater treatment

Water and wastewater treatment

Partner to the water and wastewater treatment sector

Supplying water and treating wastewater require specialised products. We have all that it takes to satisfy the requirements of this sector.