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Supplier to refineries and the petrochemical industry

Refineries and the petrochemical industry produce fuels and a variety of other everyday items as either preliminary or final products using crude oil and natural gas. This requires correspondingly stringent safety standards, and therefore also suppliers that can meet the high demands of this industry.

Impressive service for refineries and the petrochemical industry

Petrochemicals as a field encompasses a variety of everyday products, such as plastics, plasticisers, raw materials for detergents, solvents, and preliminary products used in chemical processing. This usually involves processing petroleum-based chemicals as raw materials. Naphtha and middle distillates serve as raw materials, so the petrochemical industry is closely linked with refineries.

Many companies and their suppliers will only work with upstream suppliers that are extremely well versed with the special requirements involved and can document the necessary expertise.

We at rff provide professional consultation and support for customers. Beyond our extensive range of products, we also provide customers with highly professional support in implementing complex piping and plant projects as well as in supplying products needed on a daily basis.

Our customers benefit from the following specialities that we supply specifically for the petrochemical industry and refineries:

  • MRO (maintenance repair operation) management and support during shutdowns 
  • Wall thickness calculation for pipe fittings according to DIN EN 1594 and AD 2000
  • Extensive knowledge of standards applicable to manufacturing facilities  
  • Advanced requirements such as hot tensile testing and notch impact testing
  • Project management as well as one-stop-shop services
  • Industry-specific expertise from years of experience

Do not hesitate to contact us and our industry experts with any questions you may have about our services for petrochemicals and refineries.

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