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Supplier to the shipbuilding industry

Shipbuilding requires products of tested quality, as ships have become like small waterborne cities. Our pipes and pipe connections contribute to getting fuel, water, air and cargo safely and reliably to a wide variety of places.

Impressive solutions for shipbuilding

We have been supporting customers in the construction and maintenance of ships and yachts with our technical expertise for 45 years. Recent years have seen a huge technical upgrade in efficiency and fuel in maritime transport.

We at rff provide a broad and detailed range of products and services for shipbuilding that extends to the latest drive technologies, such as LNG and hydrogen. We are also a reliable supplier in the construction of exhaust gas scrubbers and ballast water systems.

Our customers benefit from the following specialities that we supply specifically to the shipbuilding industry:

  • Specialised products for shipbuilding
  • Additional approvals from classification bodies
  • Just-in-time delivery with our own fleet of vehicles
  • Value-added tax exempt delivery for seagoing vessels

Do not hesitate to contact us and our industry experts with any questions you may have about our services for shipbuilding.

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Refineries and petrochemicals

Refineries and petrochemicals

Partner to refineries and the petrochemical industry

Crude oil is used in manufacturing a huge variety of products. This requires reliable connections and industry-specific solutions.

Water and wastewater treatment

Water and wastewater treatment

Partner to the water and wastewater treatment sector

Supplying water and treating wastewater require specialised products. We have all that it takes to satisfy the requirements of this sector.