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Information about the whistleblower system

Protection of persons who report breaches of Union law - Direction EU 2019/1937

Our code of conduct set out, among other things, the human rights and environmental-related expectations and requirements for all suppliers with whom we have business relationships. Since rff values an open corporate culture, every employee and interested parties are encouraged to become aware of compliance risks to contact our contact point with confidence.

We have a whistleblower system that enables the anonymous transmission of information on relevant compliance issues worldwide. Reports to rff can be made by email, telephone or via the AGA whistleblower system

Reporting process

1. 1 by Phone

The calls +49 40 30801200 are answered by legally trained staff and forwarded to the lawyers. In the event of absences or vacation, you cover for each other, so that you can be reached Mon-Fri from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The reporting office answers the call and notes the case and the notes of the conversation, which are then stored in a protected manner. If you have any questions, the further contact method will be agreed and recorded.

1.2 by Email

Report by email to tippgeber@aga.de . Access to the mailbox is limited to lawyers. The emails as well as possible attachments and replies are stored protected.

1. 3 by Post

Reports received by post will only be opened by the lawyers and processed further by them. For filing purposes, the documents are scanned and stored in a protected manner. Reporting by post to:

AGA Service GmbH
Stichwort HinSchG
Kurze Mühren 1
20095 Hamburg

1. 4 Personal meeting

If a personal meeting is desired, this can take place upon request in the offices of the AGA corporate association (Kurze Mühren 1, 20095 Hamburg or Königstraße 9, 30175 Hanover) or via video conference.

1.5 by GlobalLeaks

A report can be submitted (also completely anonymously) via the GlobaLeaks tip reporting system. For this purpose, the company is provided with an individual link to the system through which the information can be reported (a QR code will also be provided to you). No registration is required. When reporting, a security code is generated which the person providing the information must file or save and which allows subsequent access to the report and processing (commenting and anonymous communication with the reporting office). When a new report is received, the reporting office receives a notification by email. The details (content and documents) remain in the system and are stored securely there.

Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

An important topic

It is a matter of course for us to respect the rights to your data and to protect it in the best possible way.



Transparency right from the start

In the imprint you will find all the information you should know about us at the beginning of a cooperation.