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Our work areas

To ensure we can offer our customers the best solution, all areas at rff work hand in hand. Exciting roles await you in all departments of our company.

To provide you with an initial overview of the respective profile requirements, we have summarised the most important information for you.


The sale of our products is undertaken both regionally and according to sector. This means we can be sure that our customers always find the right contact at rff.

The ten sales departments are spread across seven sites. Around 180 employees in 25 teams support our customers in Germany and abroad, achieving sales of 184 million euros in 2023.

Each of the employees is familiar with the requirements and specific characteristics of their customers, meaning we are in a position to offer optimal solutions at any time. In addition, we offer competent and friendly consultation when it comes to the rff range of products and services. 


When it comes to the procurement of our products, expertise and strategic actions are called for. The purchasing of our stock material is performed centrally at our headquarters in Stuhr/Bremen.

Around 15 employees deal with the cost-efficient purchase of high-quality pipes and pipe fittings. In addition, a procurement office in Fushun, China, ensures optimal co-ordination of activities in the Asian economic area.

Excellent national and international connections mean that purchasing is a key strategic interface at rff. As a consequence, we are in a position to ensure the best possible supply for our customers when it comes to pipes, flanges and fittings according to DIN EN and ASME.


For the best possible support of our customers, in addition to well-organised purchasing and sales operations, other departments also play an important role in ensuring that all of the cogs at rff mesh perfectly.

A total of around 60 colleagues perform a range of different roles to provide the best possible support to our sales activities. For example, by delivering high-performance IT, the reliable management of certificates and competent assistance when it comes to standards and products. In the background are numerous helping hands, working to ensure that everything at rff runs smoothly.

Warehouse and logistics

The best products and most innovative service systems are of little use if the supply and delivery service fails to function smoothly. Warehouse and logistics are a key interface for this.

At the two logistics centres in Stuhr/Bremen and Beucha/Leipzig materials are checked precisely and warehoused, before being efficiently picked and packed. Around 120 employees take care of all services directly relating to the products of rff.

In addition, further colleagues in warehouse administration ensure that the warehouse processes are optimally tailored to one another. This means we can be sure of the full satisfaction of our customers with the rff supply service. 


The future of rff depends, in part, on the training of new employees. For over more than 45 years now we have been committed to the training of young people.

With high-quality training we ensure that the trainees of today become the skilled employees of tomorrow. The range of training at rff is varied, offering a variety of roles in diverse fields.

rff offers commercial training at all sites, as well as warehouse logistics training at the logistics locations Stuhr/Bremen and Beucha/Leipzig.

Training at rff

Training at rff

Head into the future

The future of rff also lies in the training of young people. That's why we invest a lot of passion and commitment in our junior staff.



What we additionally offer

To ensure that rff employees are able to optimally develop their potential, we offer additional benefits beyond the usual level.