Your strong partner

Know-how does not suddenly appear overnight; instead it develops slowly from accumulated experience and competence. rff has been in the business for over three decades and has earned a solid reputation throughout industry as a partner. This reputation is due to our commitment, not just to find the best solution, but the one that is the very best for you.

You can expect nothing else. And that's what we offer you and your company. The name rff stands for outstanding materials quality, planning reliability, cost-effective procurement and a real plus in service.

We are well aware how important fast availability is for you, and consequently have created optimal conditions: a warehouse stock of over 14,000 t of pipes, flanges, fittings and pipe equipment in our logistics centres in Stuhr / Bremen and Beucha / Leipzig. This ensures that your material is picked reliably and packed in an orderly fashion before leaving our warehouses. Our efficient logistics – with our own fleet of trucks and contract forwarders - also ensures a reliable "just in time" distribution – if desired anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, with our expertise in the fields of materials and products, standards and application technology, we are in a position to provide any necessary support in your project planning and implementation phases.

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Your strong team

An experienced management - and over 350 employees working with competence and dedication. The rff team is there for you when you need us.

rff - Strongly connected. This is the slogan foremost in the minds of every single employee, because it precisely describes what we are: namely strongly connected with our customers and suppliers, strongly connected among each other - and strongly connected with both our products and services. This is the yardstick we use to judge and measure ourselves by. And you should also use the same criteria to judge us.

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rff – Strongly connected.