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Suppliers to the refrigeration industry

Energy-saving and efficient industrial refrigeration processes require future-proof solutions. This means that climate protection and sustainability in industrial refrigeration systems play an increasingly important role for operators in the industry.

Impressive service for the refrigeration industry

Operating an industrial refrigeration system in the long term relies heavily on piping components that can withstand the stresses involved in refrigeration. Apart from climate protection, high levels of operational reliability play a decisive role in plant safety. Interrupting the cold chain over a longer period of time can lead to considerable financial losses.

Major names in industrial refrigeration systems rely not only on tested material quality in selecting piping components but also on competent suppliers familiar with the requirements of the industry.

Many companies have come to rely on our delivery programme and professional consultation services at rff, especially for delivery service and surface treatment to specification.

Our customers benefit from the following specialities that we supply specifically for the refrigeration industry:

  • Coated steel pipes, also including AGI standard compliance
  • Primed fittings according to DIN EN 10253-2 types A and B
  • Flanges, also including tongue and groove 
  • Pipes and fittings in stainless steel according to AD 2000-W2/W10
  • Project management as well as one-stop shop services
  • Industry-specific expertise from years of experience

Do not hesitate to contact us and our industry experts with any questions you may have about our services for industrial refrigeration.

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