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Special parts

Tailored to specification

As well as many standardised products, we also provide bespoke parts manufactured to customer specification according to special requirements.

For customers who use parts beyond the standard: we’re set up for it, and we will deliver parts to your requirements and specifications.

We will also optionally take care of warehousing and inventory, if required, for customers to call for in the quantities they require whenever needed. Flanges designed according to drawing or elbows according to internal company standards, special parts require expertise and precision. We’ll take care of manufacturing, warehousing, and just-in-time delivery for your bespoke parts.

Bespoke part examples

  • Custom flanges according to drawing
  • Flanges for shipbuilding
  • Tapered collars to internal standards
  • Pipe fittings in bespoke dimensions

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DIN EN / DIN Pipe equipment

DIN EN / DIN Pipe equipment

Quickly available

As a full-service supplier we deliver screws, bolts, nuts, gaskets and other products according to common DIN- and EN standards.

ASME / ASTM / API 6A Flanges

ASME / ASTM / API 6A Flanges

Always compatible

The product range includes the entire range of ASME B 16.5 / 16.47, as well as flanges according to API 6A and BS 3293.